Technical support

  • To receive notifications on your watch, you must first accept all permission requests made to you when you start the app from your phone for the first time.
  • You can then configure the sending of SMS, call and other application notifications from the "More" menu at the bottom right of the application.
  • Click on "Send application" to select the applications for which you want to receive notifications. If you don't receive notifications from other apps you've checked, check your phone's notification and app settings, especially on Android, where apps aren't always allowed to work in the background.
  • Please note that notifications are sent in the form of alerts. For example, if you receive an email, you can view the sender and subject of the email, but you will need to use another device to read the entire email.

  • For the models 50010 - 50011 - 50012 and 50013, it is necessary to enable the "Take a photo" option from the "More" menu of the application.
  • On Android: Simply open the "capture" tool from your watch and tap the screen to take the shot. The camera or the Lotus app does not need to be open on the phone.
  • On iOS: Open your phone's camera, then open the "capture" tool from your watch and tap the screen to take the shot.
  • The photos are saved in a picture folder named "Lotus" in your phone.
  • If the photo is not taken, please make sure you have accepted all the necessary permissions from your phone settings or when you installed the app.

  • The connection distance to the phone is about 10 meters, without obstacles.
  • When you lose the connection because you have exceeded the range of Bluetooth, it will automatically reactivate when you get closer to the phone again. Most Bluetooth disconnection issues can be resolved by turning Bluetooth off and on again from your phone settings.
  • If you accidentally disconnect even within the range of the Bluetooth connection, the phone may prevent the application from working in the background, especially on Android. In this case please check your phone settings. Disconnect the watch from the app, restart your phone, and reconnect the watch. If the problem persists, contact your dealer.

  • On un-boxing the watch for the first time, you will see that the case is not fitted with a strap. Select the strap of your choice from the 2 models provided in the gift box. The top part of the strap is the part with the clasp.

    Each strap part is fitted with a connecting pin with a small pusher at one end.

  • Start by inserting the tip of the stem of the bracelet (side opposite the pusher) into the hole of one of the lugs of the watch case then, while holding the stem in place, use the pusher to shorten the stem and thus facilitate its insertion in the opposite hole. Release when the rod is properly fitted, please check that the bracelet is securely fastened. Reproduce the same on the other side of the case with the second half of the bracelet.


    To swap bracelets over, remove the one in place using the pushers on each rod and carry out the manipulation described above with the second bracelet.

The Lotus SmarTime application is associated with several different watch models, giving a general overview. Each watch model has its own specificities in the choice of activities and they are not all covered in the application. It is possible to synchronize the activity data recorded by the watch with an activity that is not available on the application. These will be listed in the "history" tab, "watch face" symbol of the main "Sports" menu of the application.

Yes, to analyze your sleep you need to wear the watch on your wrist. If you're worried about being disturbed by notifications or the light on the watch display, enable the Do Not Disturb option.