Warranty, repair and care

Find and download the user manual for your new watch in this directory. Simply enter the reference number that you will find in the guarantee booklet or on the back of the watch case.

Two or three hand watches do not have 'complications‘ or alternative functions so no associated manual is necessary.

The warranty on all products is 2 years from receipt of the product. In the case of Spain, it will be THREE (3) years from the date of purchase of the product, provided that it has been acquired as of January 1, 2022.

Please note that the warranty does not cover:

  • Defects and damage due to loss, theft, fire, water or acts of God.
  • Malfunctions or damage caused by misuse, neglect (bumps, crushing, broken glass, etc.) or accidents.
  • Malfunctions or damage due to unnecessary repairs or modifications.
  • Modifications, defects and damage due to normal use and aging (for example, small scratches on the case or the glass, alterations to the bracelet, etc.).
  • The battery, the bracelet (damage to the bracelet), the crown or the glass.
  • Watches in which the serial number does not exist or has been erased, modified, replaced, crossed out or illegible.

Need technical help? Please contact us here

The battery life is approximately one and a half to two years. If you want more technical information, please check it on the watch model itself, if you cannot find the required information, you can always contact us.