This Spanish Basketball Federation Special Edition is available in select stores and also online on the official LOTUS website

Get ready to immerse yourself in the passion of Spanish basketball with the exclusive launch of this LOTUS Special Edition, the official watch of the Spanish Basketball Federation! Designed for true fans and sports enthusiasts, this commemorative watch combines the elegance, functionality, and innovation that embodies the spirit of the basketball national teams.

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Celebrate the Greatness of Spanish Basketball 
LOTUS, a brand renowned for its excellence and style, takes pride in paying tribute to the rich history of the Spanish Basketball Teams with this Special Edition. Every detail has been meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the game and the pride of the nation.

A Watch with Team Spirit 
This Special Edition includes an extra strap specially designed in collaboration with the Spanish Basketball Federation. This unique strap, with the FEB logo engraved, showcases the teams’ iconic colours, uniting the spirit of basketball with the art of watchmaking.


Special Case and Strap Changing Tool
At LOTUS, we know that true fans want to show their support for the team on every occasion. That is why each Special Edition comes with an easy-to-use tool that allows you to quickly change the strap. This way, you can customize your watch to your style and wear it proudly, whether it is during exciting matches or in everyday life! Additionally, the watch is presented in a specially designed case for the Spanish Basketball Federation, making it an exclusive set for the most passionate fans.

Connected to Your Active Lifestyle
This Special Edition not only pays tribute to the Spanish Basketball Teams but also fits into your modern and active lifestyle. This connected watch offers a wide range of smart functions, from tracking physical activity to real-time notifications. A perfect companion to keep you always alert as you keep up with the pace of the game!


Celebrate Passion and Unity
The Special Edition Spanish Basketball Team is more than a watch; it is a statement of passion and unity. Join us in this exciting release and show your support for the national team and the tradition of Spanish basketball.

This Spanish Basketball Federation Special Edition will be available as from the 7th August in select stores and also online on the official LOTUS website. The reference is 18935/1 and it will retail at 299 euros.
We hope you enjoy the exciting launch of the Special Edition LOTUS, the official watch of the Spanish Basketball Federation. Join us in celebrating Spanish basketball at its finest!