Lotus green Watches


The colour green is a worthy representative of nature, but it also brings good luck. Here are two excellent reasons to wear a green Lotus watch!

Green is associated with hope and luck in many cultures, but it is also a soothing and refreshing colour. At Lotus you can choose from full green models or more discreet models like the Lotus green dial watches. Each of these models asserts the unique personality of Lotus. If you like the colour green, then Lotus green watches are for you! As mentioned earlier, green is a worthy representative of nature, so it is very easy to combine this colour with other colours representing nature, such as brown. The Lotus green dial watches are a perfect representation of the Lotus city spirit and design, so they will be able to become your best ally no matter what the situation is. Perfect for the city life, the Lotus green watches will bring that bold and elegant touch to your most stylish outfits, but they will also blend in wonderfully with a more everyday look! So let's recap, green Lotus watches are perfect for your social evenings as well as your daily life.