To turn on your watch, long press the pusher button (button located at 4 o'clock for references 50006 - 50007-50008 and 50009). To turn off the watch, press the same pusher button for 3 seconds.

To set your watch to the correct time, you must connect it to the Lotus SmarTime application that you will have previously downloaded to your phone (QR code provided on the watch box, or by typing "Lotus SmarTime" on the phone’s app store). Once pairing is successful, the watch will automatically set to the time of the your time zone.

Start by downloading the Lotus SmarTime application (via the QR code provided on the watch box, or by typing "Lotus SmarTime" on your phone app store). For the best user experience, accept ALL permission requests when opening the app. At the same time, check that both the Bluetooth and geo-localisation are activated on your phone. Click on the "More" menu at the bottom right of the application, then on "+ Add a device". The list of devices available nearby appears. Select the name of your watch and it will connect to the phone. An additional notification may be sent to you asking if you want to pair the phone to the watch, please accept. If this fails, check your phone's Bluetooth settings, and if the watch model is paired.

Specificity BT SmarTime models references 50010 - 50011 - 50012 and 50013: The Bluetooth of your phone will detect 2 devices with the symbols below:

When performing a manual search for the device through the phone's BT settings, choose the top "keypad" icon which activates the sound and calls settings.

If your phone detects several Lotus watches, find the name of the watch to connect from the watch tools / settings menu, by pressing “About”